Electric Floggers

Surprise! This flogger feels exactly like our standard leather floggers until you turn it on. Plug it into any Violet Wand and then watch the sparks fly between you and your partner.  House of Markus has designed the perfect marriage of impact play with electrical play. Each flogger has 10 inner tails that are conductive. The conductive tails are incased in leather so that they will still feel like a regular flogger. You can use it for a little extra kick during an impact scene or trace the tails lightly over the skin and watch your partner squirm. The possibilities are endless. Like all House of Markus products it is made from top quality leather and materials. This comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Cost: $ 299.75  (base price)

*Products price may increase due to custom alterations of standard build design.  Please explain ideas in the comment section of the order form.  Some one with contact you with in 24 hours or during normal working hours to discuss further. 

**Does not include violet wand. Must be bought separately.

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