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The KinkyCast is an educational tool to serve the Kinky/BDSM community, primarily in the US, but with listeners around the world. With a foundation built around enlightening newcomers to the BDSM/Kink community, the KinkyCast features lifestyle content and interviews with renowned authors and luminaries. 


#467 - MarKus - Making A Quality Flogger
This week on episode 467, we bring Marcus back to tell us about floggers.  A listener wrote in to ask about the differences between cheap and 

expensive floggers. Marcus goes into detail about how they are made and how to get the most out of a flogger in a scene.

#463 - House of MarKus - Leather Masters  


Today on episode 463, we have a great conversation with Master Markus of Leather Masters. Markus has been busy reviving Leather Masters to its previous glory.  Covid took a toll on many kinky businesses, and Leather Masters was one of them.  Woody and Markus discuss the importance of education and having fun in the dungeon.  Markus is an avid electrical player and talks about his electric flogger   We have some deep moments with this wonderful person dedicated to supporting the leather lifestyle.

Sex Uninterrupted

SexuninteruptedSo you wanna get kinky? You want to attend that Fetish hotel takeover next month. You want to incorporate some power play dynamics into your relationship. You want to put that bondage fantasy you’ve had for years put into action. But where to start??? That’s where MarKus from House of MarKus comes in! With over ten years of experience in the D/s, M/s and leather community, MarKus is the perfect resource for those looking to explore this area of their sexuality. He is also the founder and President of HOME, a pansexual organization focused on the education and promotion of the D/s, M/s life for beginners and a resource for those already involved. So this week be a good listener and tune into our show - Mistress Taara said to!

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