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Electric flogger black and blue

Electric Floggers

Surprise! This flogger feels exactly like our standard leather floggers until you turn it on. Plug it into any Violet Wand and then watch the sparks fly between you and your partner.  House of...

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wickedstitch flogger

Wicked Stitch

Whether you are a beginner or have been flogging for many years, our Wicked Stitch flogger will not disappoint you. It is made from top quality leather with 50 leather tails that are 1/2" inch wide...

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Oil Tan Flogger

Oil Tan

Would you like a little sting with that? Our oil tan flogger is for a more advanced level of flogging. They have a heavier weight and can be used to add more thud, or they can be extremely stingy...

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Braided Leather Flogger by House of Markus

Braided Flogger

This flogger will bring that exquisite feeling of a heavy deep impact leather toy as it comes into contact with your skin. It delivers a surprisingly heavy blow, even though the flogger itself is...

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5lb Scrap Leather Box

As we hate to ever throw any leather away, and want to get the most use of out of every inch of it we can, we are still often left with leather that is just too small for our standard patterns, but too large to be cut up into sachet bags.  We have been piling this leather up for years, finding uses for it here and there, but it has come to take up too much space.  So, what better option then to make it available for our other artisans out there looking for project leather.  This leather may vary in color and shape, but it is all of our top quality leather we use in many of...

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sachet bags

Leather Sachet

In the true spirit of leather appreciation, we do not like to ever let any go to waist. For our current customers, you are familiar with these, as we add them to our orders going out with each of...

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Blue Firehose Paddle

Firehose Paddle

House of Markus firehose paddles are unique and interesting. They are made from recycled firehose from actual local firefighters and repurposed for our pleasure. We spend about two weeks cleaning...

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Leather Guitar wrap

Our Leather wrapped electric guitar would be the envy of Elvis  and Waylon Jennings. They themselves each owned a custom made leather wrapped guitar and so can you. You want a hard rock style...

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Deer Horn knife sheath

Custom Knife Sheaths

Description: Cost: $  CONTACT FOR QUOTE  (base price) Please explain ideas in the comment section of the order form.  Some one with contact you with in 24 hours or during normal...

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Brown Leather Tawse

Custom Leather Paddles and Tawse.

Looking for that custom leather piece that reflects your style and personality. These paddles and tawses are custom made to each customer. Markus will work with you on design concepts and colors...

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Wonder Woman Leather Portrait

Leather Carvings

These  beautiful items are made to last years if not generations. Products are built with the materials, tools and traditions of Saddle and harness makers. A leather portrait is more than what...

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Spaulder Armor

Time to make that dream a reality. Why not have a custom hand-made leather armor made to your body and your style? We can work with you on concepts, colors and designs. This is just a sample of an...

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Gauntlet Armor

Time to make that dream a reality. Why not have a custom hand-made leather armor made to your body and your style! We can work with you on concepts, colors and designs. This is just a sample of a...

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Lone Star Holster

Custom Gun Holsters

Authentic western wear enthusiasts will love this classic look.  Custom made to fit your Gun Slinger's favorite six shooter. You can guarantee that no one else will have one just like it. Each...

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Black leather collar

Custom leather collars

Looking for something custom? We are happy to make it for you. Your piece can be a classic design to a extravagant as your heart desires. Below is an example of a basic custom leather collar...

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