Firehose Paddle

House of Markus firehose paddles are unique and interesting. They are made from recycled firehose from actual local firefighters and repurposed for our pleasure. We spend about two weeks cleaning, prepping, and dying them to be used in our impact toys. They are then separated into two different styles. One style that is quiet and deep impact and one that is loud and slappy with a little sting.

 The first style we call the weighted firehose paddle. We use the soft outer cloth sleeve and is weighted with lead shot. This creates a deep tissue sensation that is quiet but effective. For those how like thuddy, there is no need to look any further. This is all THUD!! The handle is made from thick black Iron pipe that is 8 inches in length with an end cap and flare to match. This gives our firehose paddles a beautiful industrial aesthetic and creates a strong and sturdy handle.

Our weighted firehose paddles start at $115.75 before taxes and shipping.

 In the second style we use the inner waterproof sleeve of the firehose and attach it to three different handle lengths to meet the need of each person. Using the same black iron pipe handle we start the sizes at  8 inches, 10 inches and lastly 12 inches.  These firehose paddles feel completely different from the first our style. I like to equate the feeling of this firehose to a sensation similar to a belly flop sting.  The loud popping sound that is created from the air being pushed out turns heads at any play space. If you like to draw a crowd, you better start selling tickets, because it certainly will get attention.

Our original Firehose Paddles come in 3 price points determined by the handle length:

8" is $108.50 

10" is $115.75

12" is $122.50

All these prices are before taxes and shipping, and do not include any custom alterations.

Just like all of our House of Markus products these paddles come with a lifetime guarantee on the construction of our product. We stand behind the quality of our products and we are proud to provide hand crafted items that will bring years of enjoyment. 

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