Leather Carvings

These  beautiful items are made to last years if not generations. Products are built with the materials, tools and traditions of Saddle and harness makers. A leather portrait is more than what you might think. First off it delivers a 3D image and has depth compared to a photo or a painting. Secondly, it is meant to be touched. The oil from your skin actually revitalizes the leather and keeps it supple for years. This will become one of those items to become a family heirloom. Hand dyed and oiled for years of display.

We have done sizes ranging from small 5"X7" portraits all the way up to 20"X26". We are not limited by what can be printed. You can almost have any size you desire. We do have to be small enough that the portrait fits on one full hide of leather. We have done series for people wanting to stay within the same theme. 

I think the most honorable work we have been humbled to do is memorial portraits. Those have left us in reverence as we worked on each detail.

If you are curious about how much a one of a kind leather portrait might cost, don't be shy and just ask. Please provide us as much detail in your description as possible. If you have any pictures or sketches these will help us quote you an accurate price, but are not necessary. We love the challenge, and love to hear about the joy they have brought people.

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