Oil Tan

Would you like a little sting with that? Our oil tan flogger is for a more advanced level of flogging. They have a heavier weight and can be used to add more thud, or they can be extremely stingy when used like a whip. Our oil tan flogger is made from a heavy leather that is tanned using oil. It creates a beautiful aged look and the smell is breathtaking. Let's just say, if you like the smell of leather you are in luck. 

If you are wanting a matching pair so you can perfect your florentine, we suggest you purchase at the same time. Each hide can have a slight difference in the color and that is the only way we can guarantee a perfect match. Due to this fact we offer a $50 discount when purchased at the same time. Like all House of Markus products it is made from top quality leather and materials. This comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Cost: $ 236.25  (base price)

*Products prices may increase due to custom alterations of standard build design.  Please explain ideas in the comment section of the order form.  Some one with contact you with in 24 hours or during normal working hours to discuss further.  

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