5lb Scrap Leather Box

As we hate to ever throw any leather away, and want to get the most use of out of every inch of it we can, we are still often left with leather that is just too small for our standard patterns, but too large to be cut up into sachet bags.  We have been piling this leather up for years, finding uses for it here and there, but it has come to take up too much space.  So, what better option then to make it available for our other artisans out there looking for project leather.  This leather may vary in color and shape, but it is all of our top quality leather we use in many of our other projects.  For  the most cost effective way to give back, we package these in a medium flat rate box with as much as we can stuff in it (5lb per box).

5lb Scrap box: $40.00 (+shipping and tax)

If you follow on any social media lives, please feel free to ask about selecting color options during a live for your package.  Please have invoice # available. 

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